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how to care for your


I provide all my new clients with a kit containing lash shampoo and refillable bottle, cleansing brushes, and samples of oil free skin care products that you are safe to use with lash extensions. Refills of lash cleanser are available for $7 as long as you keep your reusable pump bottle!

Do not touch, pull or rub your eye/eyelashes.

If your eyelashes are tangled or crossed over, gently use the eyelash brush given to you during your appointment to brush them straight and put them in place, do not touch them with your fingers.


Do not use eyelash curlers or mascara with your extensions.

I do not recommend wearing mascara on the bottom lashes either, as 

this can transfer to your lash extensions and is extremely difficult to 



go easy on the oils.

My adhesive is oil resistant, however, it's still best to avoid oil around your eyes.

Products containing oil will break down the bond of the adhesive over time (potentially causing your lash 

extensions to fall off.)


Wash your eyelashes daily.

Proper hygiene is extremely important. Keep your lashes clean by regularly washing

 them with the lash shampoo that I have provided in your aftercare kit. If you wear any makeup on or around your eyes you need to wash it off, do not sleep with makeup on. If you do not keep your eyelashes clean  you are putting yourself at risk for bacteria growth and other health issues as well as bad lash retention!

Do not brush your lashes when they are wet, allow them to air dry and then gently brush them.


Use care when applying facial and eye creams to avoid the lash line. 

Oil-based products will break down the adhesive - do not use them.


I recommend fills every 14-21 days to maintain your lashes

Fills must be scheduled within 21 days of your most recent appointment. After 21 days a full set is required. Fills are priced by the amount of time needed, if you come every 2 weeks and take excellent care of your lashes you should only need a 60-75 minute fill, after two weeks 75-90 minutes is recommended. If you’re not sure it’s best to book for longer and we can adjust the price based on how long it actually takes. 

You must have at least 40% of your eyelash extensions remaining to be considered a fill, if you have less than 40% of your eyelash extensions remaining a full set will be required and you may need to reschedule if time does not allow. 

If you think you will need extra time at your fill please give me advance notice, if you’re not sure just ask! Communication is key. Lash extensions will fall out with your natural lashes, it is normal to shed a few lashes daily, don’t panic! 

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