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how to care for your new


Aftercare is the same for each tattoo session.

Follow these instructions throughout the entire healing process of your new tattoo, I have done my part to give you the cosmetic tattoo of your dreams, it’s on you to make sure they heal properly and retain pigment. 

If you don’t follow these instructions, it will greatly affect your permanent makeup results or put you at risk for infection!

Healing time will vary for every individual, most clients will be fully healed after 10-14 days but don’t worry if yours heal a little faster or slower.

If you are unsure, or have any questions regarding the healing process please contact me as soon as possible . I want your tattoo to heal beautifully and am happy to help you in any way that I can! The fastest way to reach me is via email or instagram/facebook.


Day of your tattoo​: gently blot your tattoo every hour, using sterile gauze and a little bit of bottled/distilled water, to remove any excess fluids. You can set an alarm on your phone to help remind you. This is very important to minimize scabbing and allow for better pigment retention! Before you go to bed gently wash your tattoo using the provided antibacterial soap and apply a thin layer of the provided healing cream.

Avoid sweating, swimming, hot/steamy environments (sauna, very long hot showers), sun exposure/tanning until tattoo is completely healed. Wear a hat outside to protect your tattoo from the sun.


Day 2-14 (or until your tattoo is fully healed): Everything that you'll need for aftercare has been provided by me at your appointment, if any of the products seem to cause irritation please stop use immediately and contact me for an alternative option.

Cleanser - wash lightly with lukewarm water and the tattoo cleanser that was provided in your aftercare kit twice daily (unless given alternative instructions by me). When cleansing you should be very gentle and avoid drenching with water. Use a blotting/tapping motion with clean hands, do not use a cotton pad/q tip/etc, do not scrub or apply pressure. Avoid saturating your tattoo with water, you do not want scabs to become “soggy” or fall off prematurely.

Use sterile gauze or a clean cotton pad to dry your tattoo, do not reuse them as it can put you at risk for infection. When drying use a blotting motion, Do not wipe as this can snag your skin and reduce pigment retention.

Healing ointment - please use only the provided healing ointment unless I have given you an alternative option (never use a petroleum jelly based product such as aquaphor or vaseline). The amount of product used on each tattoo should be about the size of a grain of rice. Apply cream gently with no pressure, it comes out of the bottle thick but turns to oil when it touches your skin. Apply ointment after cleansing, you can apply up to 3 times per day. 

Do not apply any makeup or products other than the provided healing gel to your tattooed area while healing.  The pigments in makeup can get into your tattoo and affect the pigment of your tattoo, don't risk it!

After healing: SPF is recommended to protect your tattoo from the sun, I also suggest wearing a hat or large sunglasses to minimize sun damage to your face and tattoo. Brow Immortelle serum can be used to extend the life of your tattoo.

My holy grail SPF recommendation is EltaMD, it is a dermatologist recommended mineral sunscreen that goes on clear without a white cast and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. EltaMD is available at the spa or online through Salish Coast Medical Aesthetics (our in house dermatologist!)

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